Beernuts Productions is Australia's most exciting and innovative production company. Founded by gough in 2006, Beernuts Productions has set out to prove itself as a prolific producer of contemporary, cutting edge and award winning cinema, television, downloads and books with a wide range of topics and projects to be undertaken.

"I Will Not Go Quietly" was Beernuts Productions first feature film project, a documentary discussing the important topics of mental health and disability. gough is the first legally blind person to write, produce, edit, direct and star in a feature film making this project a world first. Not allowing his disability to be a hindrance, instead gough embraces the challenge with great success as the film "I Will Not Go Quietly" clearly demonstrates.

Beernuts Productions has several other exciting projects it has also released. Not only films, but novellas, audio downloads and picture books, along with other forms of creative media. Beernuts Productions has numerous other projects in development and prides itself on its diversity and challenging range of topics and projects undertaken, clearly demonstrating Beernuts Productions skills, fortitude and determination to entertain no matter the genre.

gough was born on the 16th of December 1981 in Sydney Australia.  He grew up on the Gold Coast where a love of writing and film was established early on in life. Working as an audio producer and comedy writer for a number of radio stations in both Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, a successful stint as a stand-up comedian followed, travelling through the UK, Canada and the USA, headlining some of the biggest clubs in the world. gough then moved back to the Gold Coast where he decided it was time to start producing some of his written work, through his newly formed company Beernuts Productions pty ltd.

Beernuts Productions is fast gaining a reputation, both in Australia and overseas as a leader in the entertainment industry.  The sky's the limit for this fresh and revolutionary production company.


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